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ITA Tunnelling Awards

Event Name: ITA Tunnelling Awards
Dates: December 3-4
Location: Virtual Event

Register for the ITA Tunnelling Awards, a complimentary event to learn about and celebrate the industry’s innovative projects and products worldwide. Stop by the Robbins booth for a live chat with our in-booth experts over video or IM, and get the latest updates on our offerings and events. The virtual exhibition is open during the entire event. We hope to see you there!

Live Awards Ceremony


TBM Tunneling in Karst Conditions

France’s recently completed Galerie des Janots was the scene of some unforeseen challenges.  During excavation with a Main Beam TBM, crews encountered a stalagmite studded 8,000 cubic meter cavern, and also a 4,500 cubic meter cavity directly under the bore path. In addition to the two large and uncharted caverns, there were also karst cavities of a multitude of sizes found throughout boring. What exactly did the crew do to beat the odds and power through?

For the answer, be sure to listen in as Detlef Jordan, Robbins Sales Manager Europe, goes into detail about the obstacles, lessons learned, and recommendations for future tunnels in karst conditions.

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HYDRO 2020

Event Name: Hydro 2020
Dates: October 26-28
Location: Virtual Event

Register for the Hydro 2020 online event and get access to the latest information on all things hydropower, include Robbins’ innovative approach to small hydro tunnels at steep inclines using small diameter tunneling machines. Hear Robbins Civil Engineer and Cutter Product Manager Sindre Log speak on the use of three unique machines at up to 45 degree inclines in Norway.

Presentation Details:

Tuesday October 27
Session 22 – Tunnels & Underground Works – 2
11:00AM – 12:30PM CET
Title: Small but Powerful: Compact Hydro Tunneling offers Renewable Energy Solutions

Boring Through 48 Fault Zones and 26 Bar Pressure

Difficult ground doesn’t begin to describe the challenges overcome at a recent tunnel in central Turkey. The breakthrough of a 5.5 m diameter Robbins Crossover XRE TBM at the Gerede Water Transmission Tunnel was a feat of modern construction. The 9 km leg was the final section of the 31.6 km long water supply line bored through what is widely considered to be Turkey’s most challenging geology: from 48 fault zones to water pressures up to 26 bar, the ground put the machine and the crew to the test.

Listen in on the conversation with Robbins Vice President Doug Harding as we find out how the unique TBM design and experienced crew overcame a gamut of challenges.

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BTS Conference

Event Name: BTS Conference
Dates: March 2-3, 2021
Location: London, UK
Stand: B26

Come visit Robbins at the BTS Conference & Exhibition in London, stand B26 and hear relevant talks on industry hot topics while getting expert advice and information from our team of experienced staff.  Check back here for updates as the conference date approaches.

Over 1,200 Meters per Month in Himalayan Geology

Nepal’s first TBM-driven tunnel was a success by any standard: The Robbins Double Shield machine bored up to 1,200 meters a month and finished the Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project nearly a year early. But how were crews able to bore so quickly? And what made the contractor and owner ultimately decide to use a TBM for the first time?

Watch our complimentary 30-minute webinar with Brad Grothen P.E., Robbins Technical Director, and Missy Isaman P.E., Robbins Project Engineer, as we discuss the challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations for future tunnels in mountainous geology.

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Bauma CONEXPO India

Event Name: Bauma CONEXPO India
Dates: April 20-23, 2021
Location: New Delhi, India

Come visit Robbins at Bauma CONEXPO India in New Delhi to get expert advice and information from our team of experienced staff.  Stay tuned for more information on what you can expect to see from Robbins at the show.

Cutting Edge Virtual Event

Event Name: Cutting Edge Conference
Dates: November 10-11, 2020
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Come visit Robbins at the Cutting Edge Conference, now a virtual event, and hear relevant talks on industry hot topics.  Learn more about the largest hard rock TBM ever to operate in the USA at the Mill Creek Project. The 11.6 m (38.1 ft) diameter Robbins Main Beam TBM is excavating an 8 km (5 mi) long tunnel in Dallas.

Tune in during the technical sessions as well to find out the latest on tunnel boring machinery for mines, presented by Robbins Chief Engineer Dennis Ofiara:

Tuesday November 10, Session 2 – Innovation in Tunneling

1:30 pm MST     The Future of Tunnel Boring for Underground Mines
    Dennis Ofiara, The Robbins Company

TAC 2020

Event Name: TAC 2020 Toronto: Vision Underground
Dates: September 28-30, 2020
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Come visit Robbins at the Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC) Conference in Toronto, Canada and hear relevant white papers while getting expert advice and information from our team of experienced staff.  Stay tuned for more information on what you can expect to see from Robbins at the show.

Big Data: Innovative Technology to make TBM Tunneling more Efficient

Modern TBMs are data-driven systems, from ground investigation tools ahead of the machine to touch-screen technology in operator’s cabins, to integration with programs on the surface. Today’s TBMs, paired with cutting-edge data collection and monitoring, can efficiently bore in even the most demanding circumstances.

In this complimentary 40-minute webinar, Robbins VP of Operations Steve Chorley and Aaron McClellan, Tunnel Superintendent III for Kiewit Underground, will explore the latest and greatest innovations in technology for TBMs.  Nearly all the parameters of a TBM can be monitored today, and this data can be transmitted via radiating coaxial cables to offices on the surface or even mobile phones. Simple observations, such as cutterhead RPM and penetration rate in a given geology, can result in altered operational parameters and reduced thrust that can speed up advance and increase cutter life. All that is required is proactive analysis by management and engineers, and good communication with the TBM operator.

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