Large Diameter Crossover TBM: Success in Turkey & Future Applications

With Brad Grothen, Prof. Dr. Nuh Bilgin, Şevket KILIÇ

Large diameter tunneling in mixed ground has historically been seen as a challenge, but a recently completed tunnel in Turkey has changed the conversation. A 13.77 m diameter Crossover XRE TBM bored the Esme Salihli Railway Tunnel at world-record-setting rates of up to 721.8 m in one month, making it the fastest TBM over 13 m in diameter.

Join tunneling experts Brad Grothen P.E., Robbins Technical Director; Şevket Kılıç, TBM Engineer for contractor Kolin Construction; and Prof. Dr. Nuh Bilgin, Chairman of the executive board of the Turkish Tunnelling Society in this complimentary, 45-minute webinar. We’ll discuss the remarkable advance rates, experiences, and future applications for Crossover machines both within Turkey and worldwide. A live Q&A session will be held at the end where you can get a thorough answer from our expert speakers.





Brad Grothen

Vice President-Engineering

Prof. Dr. Nuh Bilgin

Chairman of the executive board of Turkish Tunnelling Society

Şevket KILIÇ

Eşme-Salihli Project TBM Engineer, Kolin Construction