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Get the Muck Up and Out

When you are tunneling from a vertical shaft, the right muck removal solution is crucial. Without an efficient vertical conveyor system, the entire excavation process can be held up. Robbins’ vertical conveyor systems can move high volumes as quickly as our horizontal systems.

Vertical Conveyors

Robbins’ vertical conveyors can bring the rock up a shaft to the surface. Whether your tunnel is 20 m or 200 m deep, Robbins vertical conveyors will reliably deliver the rock to the surface with minimal spillage. Robbins custom designs each vertical conveyor specifically to suit the project. Examples include: muck transfer from horizontal conveyor to vertical conveyor; muck transfer from vertical conveyor to overland or stacker conveyor; structural mounting of the conveyor in the shaft; muck recycling chutes to minimize spillage; safety interlocks and worker protection.

Robbins has two vertical conveyor designs: the traditional “S” type and our new “J” type. For a deep shaft application, use our steel cord belt “S” type conveyors. However, if you have a small diameter shaft of moderate depth, our “J” type conveyor may be the economical solution you’ve been looking for. The Robbins “J” type vertical conveyor has an innovative design.

Robbins “J” type Features and Benefits

  • Belt tension is lower so supporting structure is lighter
  • A fabric-core belt is used, which is readily available and easy to repair
  • Smaller foot print in the shaft, which frees up valuable space
  • Lower cost per meter of depth
  • Belt path eliminates reverse bends and the need for “edge” rollers so cross-rigid belt is not required

Robbins “S” Type Features and Benefits

  • Industry standard proven design
  • Ability to carry larger volumes of water
  • Fewer spills in the shaft and in the loading-dumping area
  • Can be used in very deep shafts
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control means your conveyor speed matches the TBM advance rate


All Robbins vertical conveyors include:

  • Head Frame
  • VFD Controlled Drive Unit
  • Operational personnel supply
  • Tail Structure
  • Belt
  • Receiving Hopper
  • Interface from the horizontal to vertical conveyors
  • Spill Recycling System (optional)