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Без категории | 1 June 2023

Tunneling in Turkey: The Esme Salihli Railway

Large diameter tunneling in mixed ground has historically been seen as a challenge, but a recently completed tunnel in Turkey has changed the conversation. [...]


Large diameter tunneling in mixed ground has historically been seen as a challenge, but a recently completed tunnel in Turkey has changed the conversation. [...]


Без категории | 1 May 2023

Incredible India: Machines on the Move in Agra and Delhi

India's metro network has undergone extensive growth in recent years, and is showing no signs of slowing. Multiple Robbins machines are part of tunneling work in cities across India, including Agra and Delhi. [...]



Без категории | 5 February 2023

Notice of Retraction and Apology

A notice of retraction and apology regarding incorrect statements made in a blog. [...]


Lok Home

Без категории | 5 June 2022

Four Things You Need to Know about Probe Drilling and Pre-Grouting

While probe drilling and pre-grouting have a long and successful history in drill and blast applications, their adoption for TBM technology has been more tenuous. Here, we highlight four key things to know in order to get the most out of probe drilling a [...]


Desiree Willis

Без категории | 26 August 2021

The Latest Updates: Records in Toronto, the News from Nepal, and More

Much like the face of a TBM, tunneling’s wheels of progress are always turning. Join us as we check in on projects across the globe—including a breakthrough in Japan, record setting progress in Canada, and a new project ramping up in Nepal. [...]


Sarah Crawford

Без категории | 7 April 2021

Most Momentous: 2021 Global Project Updates

From China’s largest Crossover TBM launch to an epic 13.77 m diameter XRE that began boring in Esme, Turkey, we've compiled the year's most momentous events thus far. [...]


Desiree Willis

Без категории | 19 November 2020

Tunneling in Karst: Your Questions Answered

On November 18, 2020 we held a webinar on a unique recent project, France's Galerie des Janots. That event's question and answer session is detailed here, along with some new info and drawings on TBM tunneling in karst. [...]


Detlef Jordan

Без категории | 26 October 2020

The Next Push: Robbins TBMs on the Move Around the Globe

Robbins machines continue to advance in 2020, from a proven Main Beam starting its fifth tunnel in Switzerland to a triumphant small diameter breakthrough in Norway to continued Crossover success in India. [...]


Desiree Willis

Без категории | 2 June 2020

On the Move: Robbins TBMs Around the World

From an icy visit to the world's northernmost TBM to breakthroughs across the U.S. to a vast hydropower project on the verge of completion in China, we've got the latest updates from Robbins tunnels around the globe. [...]


Desiree Willis

Без категории | 13 January 2020

What it’s Like to Live at a Jobsite for a Year (or More): An Interview

Debbie Swival, Robbins Field Service Support, is no stranger to tunnel sites, having provided field service on TBMs worldwide. While her typical site stays are from six to eight weeks, she stayed at the Delaware Aqueduct Repair tunnel in Newburgh, NY, USA [...]


Debbie Swival

Без категории | 21 August 2019

3 Ways to Bore More Efficiently in Extremely Hard Rock: Maximize your TBM Advance through Minimized Downtime

Given the clear risks of excavating massive, hard rock, how can tunnellers set themselves up for the best possible chance of success?  The combination of knowledgeable personnel, properly designed equipment, and rigorous TBM operation and maintenance are [...]


Steve Smading

Без категории | 29 April 2019

A Bevy of Breakthroughs: The Robbins Jobsite Roundup Featuring 6 Epic Projects

Dozens of Robbins TBMs are normally in operation at any given time in countries around the world, but this month’s breakthrough extravaganza is exceptional. No less than six breakthroughs occurred during April 2019, and more are on the way.  We take a [...]


Desiree Willis

Без категории | 29 January 2019

A Brief History of Rapid Excavation in 7 Key Points

Rapid Excavation: It’s a term bandied about throughout our industry, but what does it mean? Speeding up a project schedule is not as straightforward as pushing a machine harder, working longer hours, or increasing your crew size. The issue is complex, a [...]


Brad Grothen