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Mine Development Machine at Fresnillo

Watch the successful bore of the Mine Development Machine (MDM) 5000. The MDM5000 is ideal for underground mine access and development drifts that require a ready-made, flat invert for rubber-tired vehicles. Hear testimony from the people working on the machine every day about how this unique equipment is set to revolutionize the mining industry. Watch Now

Main Beam TBM

Competent Hard Rock


Soft Ground


Variable Geology

Double Shield TBM

Fractured Hard Rock

Single Shield TBM

Fractured Rock With Water Inflows


Robbins TBM takes on Karstic Limestone below St. Louis

In Spring 2022, a specialized Robbins 4.1 m (13.5 ft) diameter Main Beam TBM launched in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, to complete a critical infrastructure tunnel for contractor SAK Construction.

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Robbins Main Beam Triumphs on Challenging China Drive

The breakthrough of an 8 m (26.2 ft) diameter Robbins Main Beam TBM at China’s Yin Han Ji Wei project is not only a cause for celebration, but also a triumph of technology and perseverance. The machine overcame 17.5 km (10.9 mi) of tunnel in some of the most difficult geology ever encountered, breaking through in the first quarter of 2022.

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NAT 2022

Come join us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania June 19-22 at the North American Tunneling Conference, the premier tunneling event focusing on current projects, challenges, and successes in tunneling. Visit our booth 205 to learn more about our ongoing and successful tunneling projects.

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The History of Robbins

Pioneers in the World of Underground Construction

In 1952 James Robbins developed the first modern Tunnel Boring Machine for the Oahe Dam Project in South Dakota, USA. The machine used drag bits and dumbbell-shaped cutters to successfully excavate weak shale rock.

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“The performance of the XRE machine has been very good given the geology we have encountered during the project. We do plan to use Robbins for upcoming projects.”

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