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Unprecedented TBM Diameter Change

At the Mill Creek Drainage Relief Tunnel in Dallas, Texas, USA, a Robbins Main Beam TBM underwent an in-tunnel diameter change for the first time in the industry. The machine went from 11.6 m diameter to 9.9 m diameter through teamwork, perseverance, and top-notch engineering. Watch the video to find out more about the ground-breaking process and unique project. Watch Now

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Swift Robbins TBM breaks through 11 Months Early

A 6.4 m diameter Robbins Double Shield TBM broke through nearly one year early at Nepal’s Sunkoshi Marin Diversion Multipurpose Project (SMDMP) on May 8, 2024.

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NAT 2024

Come join us in Nashville, TN June 23-26 at the North American Tunneling Conference, the premier tunneling event focusing on current projects, challenges, and successes in tunneling.

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Final Breakthrough at Bahçe-Nurdaği Railway

In June 2023, a resilient 8.0 m diameter Robbins Single Shield completed its second tunnel at Turkey’s Bahçe-Nurdaği Railway. The machine completed 9.6 km of tunneling, adding on to the 9.2 km it completed in its initial railway tunnel in 2020.

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The History of Robbins

Pioneers in the World of Underground Construction

In 1952 James Robbins developed the first modern Tunnel Boring Machine for the Oahe Dam Project in South Dakota, USA. The machine used drag bits and dumbbell-shaped cutters to successfully excavate weak shale rock.

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“The performance of the XRE machine has been very good given the geology we have encountered during the project. We do plan to use Robbins for upcoming projects.”

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