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Stacker / Overland


Move it or Store it

On most tunneling projects muck storage and handling are major concerns. Where to store it, when to move it, and how are all questions affected by the setting and environmental restrictions of the jobsite. Robbins offers stacker conveyors to store the muck onsite or overland conveyors to remove it from the site.

Stacker Conveyors

All the muck has to be removed from the work site on most tunneling projects. Environmental restrictions often demand it. Also, in urban environments, there are frequently limitations regarding the hours during which muck hauling trucks are allowed to be driven from the site. The result is if you want your TBM running 24 hours a day, then you have to find a way to store the muck on site.

With Robbins stacker conveyors, we can store as much muck as your job site will physically hold. Robbins supplies a range of stacker conveyor designs, from a simple fixed incline conveyor to a cable-stayed radial stacker with the capacity to store the muck from several days of tunneling production. Also, we can provide various options such as maintenance walkways and wind screens to minimize dust.

Overland Conveyors

If you have to move muck a long way from the tunnel portal, over a highway or valley, Robbins can provide overland conveyors to get the job done. Frequently project constraints mean that rock must be transported anywhere from 200 m to 5 km away from the jobsite to a location from where it can be removed. Overland conveyors can be fitted with maintenance walkways or totally enclosed. Also, they can be elevated, with wind guards and protection against rain or freezing weather. Whatever your overland conveying needs are, Robbins can provide a custom designed system for your next project.

Specialty Conveyor Systems

Robbins has provided conveyor systems for drill and blast tunnels, quarries and mines. If you have a project that requires large volumes of rock to be efficiently moved, whether it’s a fixed installation or a flexible/mobile system, Robbins can design and manufacture a conveying system to suit your needs.