Moving the Industry Forward

Today’s tunnel projects are more complex than ever, and they’re only getting more difficult. To meet the evolving demands of our partners, our engineers work tirelessly to develop technology that makes tunnel boring safer, faster, and more versatile. Below are some of our most 
recent innovations.

Disc Cutter Monitoring

Whether we’re investigating new tool steels or designing EPB disc cutters that can effectively excavate in high-pressure conditions, Robbins engineers are continually rolling out advanced cutter technologies. Our latest innovation, the patented Remote Cutter Monitoring System, allows contractors to minimize downtime while maximizing efficiency, all from a touch screen in the operator’s cab. Sensors in each cutter housing pick up vibration, temperature, and rotation signals to give the operator a clear picture of cutter wear.

Onsite First Time Assembly (OFTA)

The days of designing TBMs with pen and paper are long gone, so isn’t it time TBM manufacturers stopped assembling them the old-fashioned way? Robbins thinks so. That’s why we created Onsite First Time Assembly (OFTA), a revolutionary process that’s changing the face of the tunneling industry.

McNally Support System

The McNally Support System is the most efficient way to increase advance rates and maintain worker safety on Main Beam machines in difficult rock conditions. Designed and patented by C&M McNally for exclusive use on Robbins TBMs, the McNally system has been proven on projects worldwide.

Difficult Ground Solutions (DGS)

Every technological breakthrough Robbins has ever made has been an answer to one of our client’s challenges, and our latest offering is no different. Difficult Ground Solutions (DGS) is a suite of options available for shielded hard rock and Crossover TBMs that can keep your machine moving in long tunnels, high cover, and challenging geological features. From Continuous Advance Shield Design to Water Inrush Control, Robbins is committed to keeping your project moving forward.

Maximizing Equipment Life

Tunneling is a challenging undertaking. No matter how much you plan, there will always be surprises. The best way to reduce risk and ensure success on your project is to select the best machine for the job and consider the total cost of ownership of that machine. Robbins combines robust machine design with smart rebuild strategies to ensure that your TBM can last over multiple projects and many kilometers of tunnel.

TBMs in Mines

Surface deposits are becoming a thing of the past. As worldwide, ore bodies become ever deeper, the need for longer access tunnels and for mechanized tunneling methods to excavate them is on the increase. TBMs are a safe, cost effective, and efficient way to access the ore.