High speed tunneling requires high speed muck removal.

Time is vital on every tunneling project. If you don’t stay on schedule you probably won’t stay on budget, either. Read on to see how Robbins’ conveyor systems can help you hit your targets.

Modern contractors demand ever faster tunneling machines to insure they stay on schedule, and Robbins’ High-Performance TBMs (HP-TBMs™) are delivering the speed to get the job done on time. With high speed tunneling, getting the cut rock (known as “muck”) out of the tunnel has become more of a challenge than ever. Muck trains must have high speed and high capacity to keep up with modern TBM production. Even with the best trains available, the logistics of keeping a high speed, multiple train system up and running on time is a complex management task. It also requires a lot of operation and maintenance personnel.

Robbins’ continuously advancing conveyors are designed to increase the efficiency of muck removal and vastly simplify tunneling logistics. With a reliable conveyor system constantly removing the rock from the tunnel, trains are only required to deliver personnel and materials to the machine. Utilizing a continuous conveyor on your next project can result in the following benefits:

  • Trains can be fewer and smaller
  • Ventilation requirements reduced
  • Track will be more lightweight
  • Tunneling logistics are much simpler
  • The necessity of California switches may be eliminated

Robbins conveyors have been successfully employed on over 100 TBM projects worldwide. Robbins has built more TBM tunnel conveyor systems than any other TBM manufacturer. Our conveyor systems are capable of moving more than a thousand tons of muck per hour through kilometers of twisting tunnel, up a 200 m shaft, overland and finally to a stacker conveyor with the capacity to store the rock generated from several days of tunneling. Robbins can supply all of the necessary conveyors for your project, to learn more about Robbins Conveyors, please click on one of the links: