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Cut costs by using the most efficient consumable on your next project

Significantly reduce your overall job cost by having the best product and the most experienced team working with you on the job. Robbins manufactures the most efficient cutter on the market. Read on to find out why.

How Robbins Cutters Reduce Your Job Costs

Whether you are boring a long, large diameter tunnel or a series of short, small diameter tunnels, over time your choice of cutters may be one of the most critical investment decisions you make. The actual job costs associated with cutters are quite extensive:

  • Cutter assembly cost and rebuild time
  • Mounting system hardware costs
  • Ring consumption
  • Bearing consumption
  • Lost boring time for cutter changes
  • TBM advance rate
  • Inventory costs

For larger tunnels, the investment is critical because so many other factors affecting the bottom line are dependent on the quality of cutters used and the assistance of the supplier.


The Robbins cutter design allows for faster assembly due to the reduced number of components compared to most other manufacturers’ cutters. If you elect to have an onsite rebuild program, then you will benefit from reduced cutter rebuild time. Also, your crew will be trained by our technicians to know the most efficient way to rebuild the cutters.


Robbins has the highest quality housings that exist. The seats are stronger than competitors’. There is no additional insert interface, which can increase contact stress. Robbins minimizes the number of housing components required to do the job.


The correct cutter ring with the ideal tip width makes a vast difference in advance rates. Robbins has the expertise to select the correct ring and tip that will be the most efficient at excavating the rock on your next project. Robbins produces a variety of different grades and profiles of rings.


Robbins cutters utilize case hardened Timken bearings, which outperform other bearings in dynamically loaded and harsh environments. Even in the most severe operating conditions, Robbins cutters can effectively excavate hard rock.


With the Robbins Wedge Lock design, the cutter is more easily mounted and quickly released. This reduces the time spent changing cutters, and that translates into more boring time for your machine. Plus every new Robbins TBM is delivered with a set of specialized, custom designed cutter changing tools to minimize cutter change time.


The reduced number of components in our cutter assemblies means reduced job site inventory. Also, with the highest quality components available, the wear on every part is less than it would be with a competitor’s tooling; therefore, your inventory needed onsite is reduced.

Cutter Selection

We manufacture cutters in sizes ranging from 6″ to 20″ in diameter. While our cutters are designed to fit Robbins machines, we can manufacture them to fit any machine from any manufacturer and still provide you with Robbins’ highest quality.

Get the highest cutter life and the lowest cost per volume of rock excavated.

With Robbins cutter management programs, our knowledge becomes yours. We can help you manage your cutter inventory and train your cutter technicians or provide them from our own technically certified staff. We can show you how to optimize your cutter rebuild program using cutter tracking procedures and proper rebuilding processes. We can provide you with cutter changing guidelines to get the maximum life out of each cutter on the machine. The result will be lower cutter consumption, and a reduction in your total project cutter change time.


Every year we continue to develop new materials, processes and cutter designs. Robbins offers the newest technology available because we do more research and development than any other cutter manufacturer. We have conducted extensive tests on hundreds of projects for over half a century — on real projects under the worst conditions. With this information, we have developed the best product on the market.


Robbins invests more on R&D for cutters than any other company in the industry. We lead the industry with cutter design innovation. We were the first company to use rolling disc cutters, the first with the wedge-lock mounting design, and the first to use 19″ cutters. And we haven’t stopped there. New innovations include very high-pressure seals for EPB and slurry machine applications and 20″ cutters for yet again longer life.

We are the preferred cutter supplier because we are known to produce high-quality products that get the job done successfully.

Quality and Total Value

Attention to detail during the manufacturing process ensures that every cutter component is crafted to the highest standard. Contractors have come to expect it from Robbins. No matter the geology, no matter the machine type or brand, if you are looking to bring down your total cutter cost, contact Robbins – we’ll help you find a solution.