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Logistics and Performance of a Large-Diameter Crossover TBM for the Akron Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel

The Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT) below the city of Akron is utilizing the first large diameter Dual Mode, “Crossover” type TBM in the United States. The 30.4 ft diameter machine is excavating in variable conditions including soft ground and shale rock. Due to the unique conditions, the TBM has been designed with features including a flexible cutterhead design and abrasion-resistant plating on the cutterhead and screw conveyor. As part of a predictive maintenance plan, measurements for the screw conveyor’s exposed features will be taken along the drive to report on the wear rate of these components in shale. This paper concentrates on the logistics and process of the TBM launch, and component wear and performance at the jobsite in variable ground conditions.


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