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Unprecedented Diameter Change: The Mill Creek Tunnel

At the Mill Creek Drainage Relief Tunnel in Dallas, Texas, USA, a Robbins Main Beam TBM underwent an in-tunnel diameter change for the first time in the industry. The machine went from 11.6 m diameter to 9.9 m diameter through teamwork, perseverance, and top-notch engineering. Watch the video to find out more about the ground-breaking process and unique project.

Mine Development Machine: Successful Rectangular Rock Bore in Fresnillo, Mexico

A rectangular tunnel boring machine, known as the MDM5000, has successfully bored a hard rock tunnel with flat invert in Fresnillo, Mexico. Watch the video to find out more from Robbins personnel, mine officials, and those operating the new machine on a daily basis.

Encountering Caverns in France: TBM Tunneling in Karst Conditions

France’s recently completed Galerie des Janots featured some unexpected challenges: Karst cavities large and small were found throughout the bore as well as two large, uncharted caverns. During excavation with a Main Beam TBM, crews encountered an 8,000 cubic meter cavern studded with stalagmites and a 4,500 cubic meter cavity directly below the bore path. How did the crew overcome the conditions and continue past the voids?

48 Fault Zones and 26 Bar Pressure: Boring Turkey's Gerede Water Transmission Tunnel

Difficult ground doesn’t begin to describe the challenges overcome at a recent tunnel in central Turkey. The breakthrough of a 5.5 m diameter Robbins Crossover XRE TBM at the Gerede Water Transmission Tunnel was a feat of modern construction.

High-Speed Tunneling in the Himalayas: Over 1,200 Meters a Month at Bheri Babai

Nepal’s first TBM-driven tunnel was a success by any standard: The Robbins Double Shield machine bored up to 1,200 meters a month and finished the Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project nearly a year early. Listen in on our conversation with Brad Grothen P.E., Robbins Technical Director, and Missy Isaman P.E., Robbins Project Engineer, as we discuss the challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations for future tunnels in mountainous geology.


与罗宾斯一起前往越南风景如画的昆嵩隧道项目,在该项目中,直径4.5 米的主梁式硬岩掘进机已经完成掘进。在高湿度和地下水中放置14个月后,由罗宾斯和承包商CC47介入并扭转该项目。观看视频,了解罗宾斯团队如何处理多个断层带和主要的涌水,同时保持设备所需的掘进速度。

跨模式掘进三维动画: 罗宾斯跨模式掘进机XRE


亚克朗项目跨模式掘进机: 在困难的地质下掘进




推动项目前进: 俄亥俄运河拦截隧道

罗宾斯和合资承包商Kenny/Obayashi共同努力,在亚克朗俄亥俄运河拦截隧道实现了短期启动计划。现场服务人员协助掘进机组装,并培训施工人员,以实现顺利始发。简而言之,Kenny Consturction的项目经理David Chastka就与罗宾斯现场服务团队合作分享感受。