Cutting Edge Virtual Event

Date: November 10, 2020

Event Name: Cutting Edge Conference
Dates: November 10-11, 2020
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Come visit Robbins at the Cutting Edge Conference, now a virtual event, and hear relevant talks on industry hot topics.  Learn more about the largest hard rock TBM ever to operate in the USA at the Mill Creek Project. The 11.6 m (38.1 ft) diameter Robbins Main Beam TBM is excavating an 8 km (5 mi) long tunnel in Dallas.

Tune in during the technical sessions as well to find out the latest on tunnel boring machinery for mines, presented by Robbins Chief Engineer Dennis Ofiara:

Tuesday November 10, Session 2 – Innovation in Tunneling

1:30 pm MST     The Future of Tunnel Boring for Underground Mines
    Dennis Ofiara, The Robbins Company