Complimentary Webinar: How to Get Through Squeezing Ground, Rock Bursting, and More

With Brad Grothen, Sindre Log

If you’ve ever faced mountainous tunneling conditions, then you know what it is to face the unknown. Most deep tunnels under high cover encounter some unexpected conditions, whether its fault zones, squeezing ground, or rock bursting.  Without the proper planning, crew experience, and TBM design, these challenges can quickly halt a TBM in its path.  From severe squeezing that can trap a shielded machine in place to highly pressurized rock bursts that can damage the TBM itself, mountainous tunneling can get serious fast.

So how do you keep your TBM moving when the going gets tough? Spend 60 minutes with our tunneling professionals and learn from the best in this complimentary webinar—the first in our 2018 series. Using real case studies, we’ll discuss some of the most difficult conditions encountered in our decades of tunneling in the field. Find out how to overcome obstacles while keeping your downtime to a minimum and your crew safe.



Brad Grothen

Vice President-Engineering

Sindre Log

Civil Engineer & Cutter Product Manager