Sustainable Tunneling with Rebuilt TBMs

With Doug Harding, Christian Heinz

Date: November 3, 2022
Time: 10 AM New York / 2 PM London
Duration: 60 minutes

Sustainability in tunneling is more than just a hot topic: current and future tunnel projects can and should seek ways to reduce environmental impacts.  One of the simplest ways to reduce impacts and carbon footprint is with a renewable resource: a tunnel boring machine. TBMs have been proven to last for decades, and can be rebuilt cost effectively project after project with proper maintenance.  In fact, several known, active TBMs are still boring tunnels after more than five decades of use and 50 km of total tunneling.

Just how successful can rebuilt TBMs be? We explore this question through the lens of the DigIndy Project in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, where contractor J.F. Shea is using a rebuilt TBM to great effect. The 6.2 m diameter Main Beam TBM on that project, originally built in 1980, recently bored the last of more than 40 km of tunnels below the city. During the course of boring, the machine set three world records in its size class of 6 to 7 m, including a best month of 1,754 m.

In this complimentary, 60-minute webinar we discuss rebuilt TBMs as a key to sustainable tunneling with Doug Harding, Robbins Vice President, and Christian Heinz, Project Manager for J.F. Shea. Listen in on our conversation with Julian Champkin of Tunnels & Tunnelling International as we discuss recommendations for rebuilt machine use, and case studies from around the world. The on demand recording is available now. 



Doug Harding

Sr. Vice President

Christian Heinz

Project Manager, J.F. Shea