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Unique Hybrid EPB Design for use in Coal Mine Drifts

The Grosvenor Decline Tunnel is an ASD $1.95 billion Greenfield metallurgical coal project owned by Anglo American in Moranbah, Central Queensland, approximately 180 kilometers southwest of the coastal port city of Mackay and about 1000 kilometers north of Brisbane. Located just south of the Moranbah North coal mine, it targets the same Gonyella Middle coal seam as the Moranbah mine, and it is expected to produce five million tonnes of coal per annum from its underground long wall operation over the next 26 years.

The Grosvenor Coal Mine has a planned expansion in which two decline tunnels will be required for mine access to the coal seam at the shallowest depth of 130 meters. Longwall panels are planned to be 300 meters in width with lengths up to 6200 meters. The first decline tunnel (Conveyor Drift) will transport the coal from the long wall to the stockpiles area on the surface; the second decline tunnel (Transport Drift) is designed for people and equipment to access the underground once the mine is operational.

For the first time in the Queensland coal industry, a TBM methodology has been developed to ex-cavate both drifts and contribute to construction of the “world-class long wall mine” envisioned by Anglo American. Stability, safety, quality and schedule have been the key factors in the selection of this technology.


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