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The flexibility you need

Robbins believes in giving you options, which is why we have Lease programs for both our Small Boring Units (SBUs) and Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs).


Leasing a Robbins SBU gives you flexibility. We offer SBUs ranging in size from 24 inches (610 mm) to 72 inches (1.82 m) so you can choose a diameter to fit your job perfectly. And each Robbins SBU adheres to our high quality standards: before every project we change the cutters, refurbish, and inspect the machine.

Our SBU leases are available in these plans:

By the month: Pay monthly for the machine, with a minimum lease period of two weeks. If you go over your rental period, extra days are pro-rated. You are responsible for the costs associated with shipping.

Lease to Own: Pay monthly for the machine and if you decide to purchase it we will put your lease payments towards the cost of the machine.


One of Robbins’ experienced technical staff will set up your SBU project as they have set up hundreds before. We will come to your jobsite and teach you and your crew how to use the SBU so that there is no apprehension on your part. We will be by your side, from selecting the correct machine for your job until the bore is completed.


Leasing a TBM can help you meet tight deadlines and sometimes lowers project costs. Robbins has a fleet of proven TBMs in a range of diameters. Our high-quality TBMs are inspected, modified if needed, and refurbished before they are leased. We offer support equipment and back-up systems. Robbins TBMs are leased per project. Contact us to find out which machines are available.