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The Crossover XSE TBM—Get the Most Versatile Mixed Ground Machine

In urban environments with mixed ground conditions, settlement is not an option, and must be kept as close to zero as possible.  The XSE TBM—standing for a Crossover (X) between Slurry (S) and EPB (E), fits the bill in many cases. In variable ground the XSE combines the best aspects of both proven TBM designs, making for an incredibly versatile solution. Download the specification sheet here.

In EPB Mode

In low permeability soils without high hydrostatic pressures, the XSE can advance quickly and efficiently in EPB mode without the expense and complication of slurry-based muck handling. While in EPB mode, any slurry treatment plant on site can be simplified and more economical. In EPB mode the machine utilizes a screw conveyor to maintain face pressure and remove muck.  Because there is no slurry at the excavation face, pressure control is safer and any over-excavation is immediately apparent.

Did you know: The Crossover XSE is the most versatile type of TBM? It can be fully customized with both EPB and Slurry TBM features to excavate in nearly all ground conditions.

In Slurry Mode

In high permeability soils and areas with high hydrostatic pressures, the XSE can run in slurry mode, thereby eliminating the problems of inaccurate volume monitoring and pressure control that EPBs encounter in these conditions.  In slurry mode muck empties into a completely enclosed slurry box.  Boulders are broken up using a crushing mechanism in the box, while small cobbles are capable of passing through the slurry pipes.

Why Choose an XSE?

  • If your tunnel does not consist entirely of high permeability soils, then the XSE is a solution that does not require costly slurry tunneling for the entire tunnel length
  • Save time and money in low permeability sections by running the XSE in EPB mode, which does not require a full slurry separation plant
  • In high permeability sections, switch to slurry mode to ensure accurate volume monitoring and pressure control in these conditions
  • Get the best features of two machines with one machine order, and a versatile solution that could be used on multiple projects with variable ground

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